Tuesday, June 13, 2006

NICE vs BMIC-Bangalore Infrastructure

Chief Minister says...
I am ready to surrender my land if it falls in BMIC project area
My Government will allow the project according to the original agreement

Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Monday alleged that the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE), which is executing the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project, had attempted to "purchase" him using a former minister and a journalist as intermediaries.

After the new govt. was formed in Karnataka, it looks like, there is a struggle between the Progressive Thinkers and Regressive politicians who are just pushing the state in to the old ages.

There has been too many accusations on the project

As all of us know, most of the infrstructure project in india had floated the govt norms, but also the govt agencies never verified the process followed. Its hands tied behind by corrupted Babus and politicans.

I think some big money is involved in BMIC that's why politicians are bothered too much about that. Ooh..something is cooking. Finally only the Business man and people who want to see india progressing are the ones who get affected. And the people who earn their living working in the projects.

One of the problem faced by the people whose land is acquired by the govt. are paid the govt. fixed prices instead it should be Market prices. Win-Win options for both the parties.

Risk Taking - Mark Twain

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -- (Mark Twain)

How true it is for each human individual? I have been postponing or not doing lots of things in my life which i wanted to. I am making up my mind to try pushing my limits, so that i am not disoppointed in future.

IN my office diary, there are small quotes which are given in the bottom line, which i am not sure how many are reading daily, but they are all confidence boosting ones. Today's quote by T.S.Elliot is

Only those who risk going too far can possibly know how far one can go

Monday, June 12, 2006

Free TV

There was so much Hype and Hoopla over the free TV/Rice being announced by political parties in the last election and political party in power has been devising ways to give TVs to the needed(???) people.

Every one was talking about the possibilities of the mega venture, wastage of People's Money etc, we didn't thought about the problem that free TV distribution posed to some people.

Recently i was talking with one of my friend who is a TV dealer and his shop cateres to mostly Low-Income families. He used to sell it even for monthly installments. Every month he roams and collects the month's installment. Tough Job like most of the people.

After this Free TV announcement, the sales has dipped so much that its like there is no sale at all for days. The situation is such that his existing stock which he has displayed is not even selling, he goes around in the neighbourhood and meets prospective customers, most of the people are of the view that they are going to get the TV soon and they dont need to buy from the dealer.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

FIFA World Cup

Mother of all the games is going to get started today.

Millions of people across the globe will be glued to their televison sets and thousands will be watching the matches in the stadium. The electrifying atmosphere is a feeling to chersih. I have an ambition to atleast watch one FIFA match live. Lets see how it goes in Future.

I thought Some of my friends who have gone to work in Prague are luckier ones because its quite close to Germany, but cost cutting has made their Visas as Single Entry. Feeling Sorry for them. Its like "Been there..but didn't do it" for them

Stars are vying their Glory
Lionel Messi
Oliver Kahn
Thierry Henry
.........any many more

Let there be Light

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

future of Software Engineers

Everybody who is in the IT & ITES industry for some years and earning big bucks might slighly have an apprehension in the corner of their mind about their FUTURE.

For Example:- Once up on a time, if you are govt.employee, your career is considered secured and you dont need to worry about any thing. If you have passed engineering degree, either you have to join a govt. organisation, private organisation where you might be paid peanuts(not every one earn big bucks) and you will be working , breaking your back and you will be still a middle class constatnly worrying. One of my acquiantance who had completed his BPharm in late 90s joined a pharma production company, still he is in the same sector, his earnings when compared to software engineer at the same time is too low. these days, after opening up of the economy, lots of positive things happened, Engineers who pass out of the colleges are able to get a job in IT company earning a 5 figure salary which is unthinkable just 10 yrs back. Even though the cost of living has increased consderably, people are happy to get a job like that.

Coming back to the point about the apprehension of job security for IT engineers, there is a glimmer of hope from silicon

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

website designs


i like the websites of these companies, for their UI design, user friendliness, easy browsing inside their websites etc. budding companies when they start their own websites should refer websites like these so that their sites are user friendly. Since some years back i worked in Quark, i know how their websites, User manuals, news letters, intranet looks like and how friendly they are. As the nerve centre of any software engineer's browsing habits, google also has a very great website. google is an Easy to use, thought provoking, stylish website.

You can give me your top 5 list of websites for their user friendliness, style etc in the comments section

Plagiarism at all levels

Plagiarism has been there at all levels. Even before Kavya(Opal Mehta) many other famous people have done the mistake. The gravity of the situation is particularly bad when the person is the head of huge company like Raytheon. The pressure made him apologize in the company annual meeting.

William H. Swanson
Chairman and CEO
Raytheon Company
Final edited remarks as delivered to:
Raytheon Company Annual Meeting
Arlington, Virginia
May 3, 2006

I would be remiss if I ended these remarks without addressing the issue
surrounding the “Unwritten Rules of Management” booklet.
As I have stated, the source material for that booklet came from a file of
material and notes that I had been collecting over the years. I provided the
material to my staff in 2001 for the help of preparing (an) internal presentation.
It's clear to me now that this file contained Professor King's book, as well as
other published material that was incorporated into the presentation.
It was this presentation that eventually evolved into the “Unwritten Rules”
I would like to take this opportunity to specifically acknowledge that:
I did not properly check the source material for that presentation
I also did not confirm the appropriate attribution of that material.

This was an error in judgment on my part which I sincerely regret.

During college days, i/we used to photocopy/xerox the books(which are costly) for reduce costs. Whether thats considered as copy right violation??


While googling for some thing regarding Quark, i got this link, which i am feeling is the usual venomous posts regarding the Northie-Southie problems


i was giving a comment to that post and thought about posting the same here

But before that i will answer my own questions.

Do I loved living & working in North India?
Yes, very much.

Are the people were good to you?
Yes, they were/Are (except while going to any mall where people can give weird looks, the shopping centres customer handling is not that good...reason, i used to dress simple, where in a NorthIndian would have dressed ostensibly... But still its OK.

Do you know Hindi?
Yes i know little bit, i was able to manage. but few of my friends when they came there, don’t know an iota of Hindi, but managed to stay there for more than 2 years and some have settled down there.

Do you live in Chennai?
No..... Also, I am not interested in settling down in chennai, it’s too hot and with water problems. When compared to Bangalore, its cheap and has good infrastructure. Connected well to my home town

Coming to North Indian's problem with respect to chennai is,
1) Not many people know Hindi, when compared to other southern cities(like Bangalore, trivandrum) people might not be interested to talk with you Hindi, they will try to talk in English.
2) Expectations of all north indians is that all indians should talk in hindi, this doesn't go well in chennai. This you can see a lot in Bangalore, where even educated looking north indians talking with you in Hindi, even though they can talk in english. That’s the source of the problems with respect to North Indians.
3) Alternatively, whether North Indians learn the local languages (say kannada, malayalam, Tamil...)? The answer will be a big NO. I have seen people saying why i have to learn. Comparatively, if a South Indian is there in North India, he is expected to learn hindi and he will surely learn. I don’t like the Crap of Hindi being a National Language, and all indians have to learn it. If needed, one should learn any language which will be helpful to him/her. Every body knows that when you are settling in a new place, learning the local language helps a lot. Even i am a culprit. I don’t know kannada, i just manage a few words. It’s my mistake, i have correct it.

Most of the problems will be solved if any one follows the below mantra
"Be in Rome as Romans do". One can’t change immediately; a slow process will also be helpful.

Fake Experience in IT companies

Everybody knows about this problem, All IT companies take stringent action on people who give fake certificates(education, experience etc) to get a job in this lucrative job sector. Now most of the companies verify the certificates given by the employees after they join. They might outsrouce the work to a detective agency and they may have a team in their office who contact the companies where their employees worked some time back. If they dont get favourite answers, the employees is asked QUESTIONS, if the answers are not proper then the employees are sacked immediately.

This in itself has gaps
1) If the company is closed/Taken over(during the internet meltdown down years, lots of companies were laying off people. Even the biggies were laying off the same had happened to small companies, some companies were able to recuperate and some not. If any employee from a closed company joins another company after some years, where can he/she get references??
2) There are companies which help out people to support their references given in their certificates in return for money
3)If the person who is joining the new company after some negative experience(this is more common), is it possible to get a proper reference.

Pls. remember not every organisation has a decent policy in this matter

I think in this matter Nasscom is also helping the companies in having a database of employees with a VERFIED tag about their experiences etc. I think this still in the nascent stage and will be applied in the future.(i am not sure thats true...sorry if its false)

But IT companies also should have good recruitment policies and they should have the integrity regarding their recruitment polices.

" If the going gets tough the tough gets going" Its the responsibility of the companies to have good recruitment practices to weed out the problem. First they have to look in to their HR teams practices and close the gaps. And then a indsutry wise common practice will add further benefits.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Reservation in Education

India is in a boiling cauldron regarding the reservation. Everybody is protesting against reservation in the central govt. institutions like IIT, IIM, AIIMS etc.

When TN situation is considered: Its past experiences of having reservation in professional colleges has not given mediocre output of students. I would say that it has certainly brought an aspiring mindset to the families as well as individuals. For Example:- If Backward class student has got a seat in a Group 1 engineering college(NIT, PSG, CIT, CEG) through reservation some time around 1992, he might have come out by 1996, if he has enterred IT industry by that time, he would be a Senior Project Manager by now and would be earning Lakhs. He would be dreaming BIG for him and his family. If he has not got an engineering seat by any chance with the same marks he had, what might have been his career situation?? This is just a single example, consider Lakhs of students who have enterred professional colleges through reservation in Tamil Nadu, who are dreaming big when the country's economy is going great guns.

I wouldn't say that students who have enterred through Open Category are always very good in college life and who have enterred through reservation are always BAD in their college life. I have personally seen students who have enterred college life through reservation also coming out in flying colors(Marks, univeristy ranks, extracurricular activities,, jobs etc) But some are mostly in the cateogy of "Also Ran". But the mindset among all the people has changed considerably. They dream/Aim for the Big thing.

Even though reservation might bring in mediocrity in professional colleges, my view point is that even if the govt is proposing that, institutions should make the selection process and education process stringent as well as helping, so that students survive and start improving them.

So, my view point is that reservation can be there, but the modalities of it should be thoroughly studied and should not be politicised. But the political parties (in my opinion) is playing vote-bank politics and the media is crying too much (just a flashy opinion doesn't help any one, its just burns up the hatred). Also if you can see, only in the cities the protests are very high , what about numerous towns and villages in our country , there also aspiring people are there.

I accept that this issue is a tinder box, but considering INDIA as a whole the decisions has to be made, it shouldn't bring in mediocrity to the centre of excellence as well as shouldn't increase the divide among people.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beat the Heat

Summer is the time when people start eating some of the food items like Mangoes, Pathaneer, Ilaneer...etc. Though Mangoes, Ilaneer are available in Cities, the humble Pathaneer(the non-alcoholic sweet beverage tapped from the panai tree@Palm Tree) is not available for various reasons. Come to South TN, when this the peak time where you can see road side vendors briskly selling Pathaneer+Nungu. They both have a divine taste. I think this is the Cheap&Best way to beat the Heat.

Pathaneer is the juice collected from palmtree in earthern pots coated inside with Calcium carbonate. With out Calcium Carbonate, the juice becomes Toddy.

Now the Courtallam season has started, people have another option to beat the heat . You can bath in the famous falls like Old Courtallam Falls, Tiger Falls, Five Falls, Shenbagadevi Falls etc, but before that you might need to apply some good old sesame@Gingelly oil. The bravehearts can try a hike to Honey Falls(thaen aruvi) and above.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Much had been talked about this King of Fruits. Growing up in south tamilnadu, where the very famous Alponso was not availble at that time, we used to eat Sappattai@BanganaPalli a lot(the others being...KiliMooku, panchavarnam, Neelam)

The downside of eating lots of mangoes in the summer is Dysentry. Even Pineapple has the same effect. An easy solution to avoid bowel disorder is to eat a spoon of sugar/country sugar@vellam.

A trivial solution to a trivial problem

Tora tora tora

Being a avid watcher of "War Films", i had been seeing good movies. In that series, watched the movie "Tora Tora Tora"

If an instance has to be known to equate "collective Failure" is how the American Military planned things(in the movie), before the American Participation in WW II.
Even though some of the film sequences were later found as not authentic, the movie later became the base for the War Sequences for WW II movies.

After seeing this movie, a thought came to my mind! Whether any movie can be produced in india which can bring out the sequences which led to Indo-China war in 1962? Till now the govt. hasn't released any reports regarding all the events(Before, During , After the war )(Its been more than 44 years)

Even the recent Kargil War has its own secrets. Each govt. organisation is busy mud-slinging on others. I dont know when we will work in sync.

OK...Shit Happens

The movies which are in pipe line are
1) The Great Escape
2) Where Eagles Dare

Friday, June 02, 2006

Rajapalayam dog

Never a pet owner, I am very much interested in seeing dogs play around. Last time when i came to my native place, saw a pure white dog in a neighbour's factory. They told me thats rajapalayam when i enquired about it. Then out of curiosity searched in net. Got lots of info. These guys are selling it from rajapalayam. Then Last week saw a rajapalayam dog in Thippasandra, Bangalore. Love to own one in future.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Breaking Ice/ Cherry Jump

I having been reading blogs for more than 18 months. But i don't remember correctly how i started reading?. I think i was googling for the word dubukku (as usual after a heavy krishna kafe lunch i was doing something nonsense, Most probably started at that time reading Dubukku's blog http://dubukku.blogspot.com/ and then carried on to kiruba, s-anand, aadisht and many more(it will be a huge list).

In between blogs were blocked in office(websense) and now every thing is OK... & again i have started reading. After thinking of starting a blog for quite some time and now i am giving it a go. I will try to be consistent. My current plan is to post both things/news that had happened around me.