Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beat the Heat

Summer is the time when people start eating some of the food items like Mangoes, Pathaneer, Ilaneer...etc. Though Mangoes, Ilaneer are available in Cities, the humble Pathaneer(the non-alcoholic sweet beverage tapped from the panai tree@Palm Tree) is not available for various reasons. Come to South TN, when this the peak time where you can see road side vendors briskly selling Pathaneer+Nungu. They both have a divine taste. I think this is the Cheap&Best way to beat the Heat.

Pathaneer is the juice collected from palmtree in earthern pots coated inside with Calcium carbonate. With out Calcium Carbonate, the juice becomes Toddy.

Now the Courtallam season has started, people have another option to beat the heat . You can bath in the famous falls like Old Courtallam Falls, Tiger Falls, Five Falls, Shenbagadevi Falls etc, but before that you might need to apply some good old sesame@Gingelly oil. The bravehearts can try a hike to Honey Falls(thaen aruvi) and above.


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