Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fake Experience in IT companies

Everybody knows about this problem, All IT companies take stringent action on people who give fake certificates(education, experience etc) to get a job in this lucrative job sector. Now most of the companies verify the certificates given by the employees after they join. They might outsrouce the work to a detective agency and they may have a team in their office who contact the companies where their employees worked some time back. If they dont get favourite answers, the employees is asked QUESTIONS, if the answers are not proper then the employees are sacked immediately.

This in itself has gaps
1) If the company is closed/Taken over(during the internet meltdown down years, lots of companies were laying off people. Even the biggies were laying off the same had happened to small companies, some companies were able to recuperate and some not. If any employee from a closed company joins another company after some years, where can he/she get references??
2) There are companies which help out people to support their references given in their certificates in return for money
3)If the person who is joining the new company after some negative experience(this is more common), is it possible to get a proper reference.

Pls. remember not every organisation has a decent policy in this matter

I think in this matter Nasscom is also helping the companies in having a database of employees with a VERFIED tag about their experiences etc. I think this still in the nascent stage and will be applied in the future.(i am not sure thats true...sorry if its false)

But IT companies also should have good recruitment policies and they should have the integrity regarding their recruitment polices.

" If the going gets tough the tough gets going" Its the responsibility of the companies to have good recruitment practices to weed out the problem. First they have to look in to their HR teams practices and close the gaps. And then a indsutry wise common practice will add further benefits.


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