Monday, June 12, 2006

Free TV

There was so much Hype and Hoopla over the free TV/Rice being announced by political parties in the last election and political party in power has been devising ways to give TVs to the needed(???) people.

Every one was talking about the possibilities of the mega venture, wastage of People's Money etc, we didn't thought about the problem that free TV distribution posed to some people.

Recently i was talking with one of my friend who is a TV dealer and his shop cateres to mostly Low-Income families. He used to sell it even for monthly installments. Every month he roams and collects the month's installment. Tough Job like most of the people.

After this Free TV announcement, the sales has dipped so much that its like there is no sale at all for days. The situation is such that his existing stock which he has displayed is not even selling, he goes around in the neighbourhood and meets prospective customers, most of the people are of the view that they are going to get the TV soon and they dont need to buy from the dealer.


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