Wednesday, June 07, 2006

future of Software Engineers

Everybody who is in the IT & ITES industry for some years and earning big bucks might slighly have an apprehension in the corner of their mind about their FUTURE.

For Example:- Once up on a time, if you are govt.employee, your career is considered secured and you dont need to worry about any thing. If you have passed engineering degree, either you have to join a govt. organisation, private organisation where you might be paid peanuts(not every one earn big bucks) and you will be working , breaking your back and you will be still a middle class constatnly worrying. One of my acquiantance who had completed his BPharm in late 90s joined a pharma production company, still he is in the same sector, his earnings when compared to software engineer at the same time is too low. these days, after opening up of the economy, lots of positive things happened, Engineers who pass out of the colleges are able to get a job in IT company earning a 5 figure salary which is unthinkable just 10 yrs back. Even though the cost of living has increased consderably, people are happy to get a job like that.

Coming back to the point about the apprehension of job security for IT engineers, there is a glimmer of hope from silicon


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