Tuesday, June 06, 2006


While googling for some thing regarding Quark, i got this link, which i am feeling is the usual venomous posts regarding the Northie-Southie problems


i was giving a comment to that post and thought about posting the same here

But before that i will answer my own questions.

Do I loved living & working in North India?
Yes, very much.

Are the people were good to you?
Yes, they were/Are (except while going to any mall where people can give weird looks, the shopping centres customer handling is not that good...reason, i used to dress simple, where in a NorthIndian would have dressed ostensibly... But still its OK.

Do you know Hindi?
Yes i know little bit, i was able to manage. but few of my friends when they came there, don’t know an iota of Hindi, but managed to stay there for more than 2 years and some have settled down there.

Do you live in Chennai?
No..... Also, I am not interested in settling down in chennai, it’s too hot and with water problems. When compared to Bangalore, its cheap and has good infrastructure. Connected well to my home town

Coming to North Indian's problem with respect to chennai is,
1) Not many people know Hindi, when compared to other southern cities(like Bangalore, trivandrum) people might not be interested to talk with you Hindi, they will try to talk in English.
2) Expectations of all north indians is that all indians should talk in hindi, this doesn't go well in chennai. This you can see a lot in Bangalore, where even educated looking north indians talking with you in Hindi, even though they can talk in english. That’s the source of the problems with respect to North Indians.
3) Alternatively, whether North Indians learn the local languages (say kannada, malayalam, Tamil...)? The answer will be a big NO. I have seen people saying why i have to learn. Comparatively, if a South Indian is there in North India, he is expected to learn hindi and he will surely learn. I don’t like the Crap of Hindi being a National Language, and all indians have to learn it. If needed, one should learn any language which will be helpful to him/her. Every body knows that when you are settling in a new place, learning the local language helps a lot. Even i am a culprit. I don’t know kannada, i just manage a few words. It’s my mistake, i have correct it.

Most of the problems will be solved if any one follows the below mantra
"Be in Rome as Romans do". One can’t change immediately; a slow process will also be helpful.


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