Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Plagiarism at all levels

Plagiarism has been there at all levels. Even before Kavya(Opal Mehta) many other famous people have done the mistake. The gravity of the situation is particularly bad when the person is the head of huge company like Raytheon. The pressure made him apologize in the company annual meeting.

William H. Swanson
Chairman and CEO
Raytheon Company
Final edited remarks as delivered to:
Raytheon Company Annual Meeting
Arlington, Virginia
May 3, 2006

I would be remiss if I ended these remarks without addressing the issue
surrounding the “Unwritten Rules of Management” booklet.
As I have stated, the source material for that booklet came from a file of
material and notes that I had been collecting over the years. I provided the
material to my staff in 2001 for the help of preparing (an) internal presentation.
It's clear to me now that this file contained Professor King's book, as well as
other published material that was incorporated into the presentation.
It was this presentation that eventually evolved into the “Unwritten Rules”
I would like to take this opportunity to specifically acknowledge that:
I did not properly check the source material for that presentation
I also did not confirm the appropriate attribution of that material.

This was an error in judgment on my part which I sincerely regret.

During college days, i/we used to photocopy/xerox the books(which are costly) for reduce costs. Whether thats considered as copy right violation??


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