Monday, June 05, 2006

Reservation in Education

India is in a boiling cauldron regarding the reservation. Everybody is protesting against reservation in the central govt. institutions like IIT, IIM, AIIMS etc.

When TN situation is considered: Its past experiences of having reservation in professional colleges has not given mediocre output of students. I would say that it has certainly brought an aspiring mindset to the families as well as individuals. For Example:- If Backward class student has got a seat in a Group 1 engineering college(NIT, PSG, CIT, CEG) through reservation some time around 1992, he might have come out by 1996, if he has enterred IT industry by that time, he would be a Senior Project Manager by now and would be earning Lakhs. He would be dreaming BIG for him and his family. If he has not got an engineering seat by any chance with the same marks he had, what might have been his career situation?? This is just a single example, consider Lakhs of students who have enterred professional colleges through reservation in Tamil Nadu, who are dreaming big when the country's economy is going great guns.

I wouldn't say that students who have enterred through Open Category are always very good in college life and who have enterred through reservation are always BAD in their college life. I have personally seen students who have enterred college life through reservation also coming out in flying colors(Marks, univeristy ranks, extracurricular activities,, jobs etc) But some are mostly in the cateogy of "Also Ran". But the mindset among all the people has changed considerably. They dream/Aim for the Big thing.

Even though reservation might bring in mediocrity in professional colleges, my view point is that even if the govt is proposing that, institutions should make the selection process and education process stringent as well as helping, so that students survive and start improving them.

So, my view point is that reservation can be there, but the modalities of it should be thoroughly studied and should not be politicised. But the political parties (in my opinion) is playing vote-bank politics and the media is crying too much (just a flashy opinion doesn't help any one, its just burns up the hatred). Also if you can see, only in the cities the protests are very high , what about numerous towns and villages in our country , there also aspiring people are there.

I accept that this issue is a tinder box, but considering INDIA as a whole the decisions has to be made, it shouldn't bring in mediocrity to the centre of excellence as well as shouldn't increase the divide among people.


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