Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tora tora tora

Being a avid watcher of "War Films", i had been seeing good movies. In that series, watched the movie "Tora Tora Tora"

If an instance has to be known to equate "collective Failure" is how the American Military planned things(in the movie), before the American Participation in WW II.
Even though some of the film sequences were later found as not authentic, the movie later became the base for the War Sequences for WW II movies.

After seeing this movie, a thought came to my mind! Whether any movie can be produced in india which can bring out the sequences which led to Indo-China war in 1962? Till now the govt. hasn't released any reports regarding all the events(Before, During , After the war )(Its been more than 44 years)

Even the recent Kargil War has its own secrets. Each govt. organisation is busy mud-slinging on others. I dont know when we will work in sync.

OK...Shit Happens

The movies which are in pipe line are
1) The Great Escape
2) Where Eagles Dare


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